UV & Ozone Disinfection System

Low Pressure UV System

Medium Pressure UV System

TOC UV System

UV Ozone Generating System

UF Membrane

EDI System

McDouglass UV System

McDouglass Elevator

  • Ultrapure Water Treatment Plant

  • RO Water Treatment Plant

  • Municipal Water Treatment Plant

  • Pure Water Treatment Plant

  • Chemical Water Treatment Plant

  • Chemical Fume Scrubber System

  • Water Treatment Plant/ UV Disinfection/ TOC

  • Recycle by Membrane Technology

  • Recycle Water Treatment Plant

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Dissolve Air Floatation System (DAF)

  • Swimming Pool & UV Disinfection for Pool

  • Electrodeionization System (EDI) made in Europe

  • High Energy UV made in Europe and Asia Pacific

  • UF Membrane made in Europe and Asia Pacific

  • Fiber Glass Tank made in Europe and Asia Pacific

  • UV Pasteurization for Syrub

  • M&E System

    M&E installation
  • FRP Structure Bridge, Pedestrian Bridge, Sky Walk Structure

  • Solar Roof industrial plant

  • McDouglass Elevator

  • Schneider Elevator & Escalator

  • Sword Elevator & Escalator

  • Fireproof paint CLMV

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